Random Musing about Sex, Google, Justin Timberlake

Google seems to have it all.

Global reach and appeal.
Unending resources and resourcefulness.
Powerful engineering minds.
Creativity and insight and market leadership.

But it's no Reebok.
Reebok has sex appeal.
It's latest marketing ploy.."Get a better butt," is, well, totally sexy. 
Who cares about engineering and patents and IT processing and strategic reverse lean remanufacturing, logistical prowess and global distribution centers when you've got sex.

Sex sells.  And guess who is buying? Everyone. Regardless of whether or not they realize it. Oh, you can bet your sweet ass they are buying...

An article back in February documented Google's struggles with social media in the realm of what I tend to think of as "sexiness." Google Struggles With Social Skills, it was dubbed. Now the same media outlet is reporting that Google is Looking for Social-Media Leader.

What's going on, Google? Is this a matter of what to buy the hostess with the most-est? Or is this a chink in the chain of world-domination that which Google simply can't wrap it's mind around? It's true that most people (engineers included) think that engineers don't necessarily possess the critical social skills needed to bolster fan-based consumer marketing groups that flock to social media outlets to share in their sexual fantasies (aka; compare Brett Michael's fan base to that of the masters in the IT world; there is an obvious missing chromosomal link between sex and behavior when it comes to Googliscious products and services). But I don't think we should lose hope.

Perhaps Google should enlist Justin (Timberlake, not Bieber) to assist in bringing the sexy back (or introducing it in the first place) to a company that is most likely sexy on it's own, just refuses to acknowledge that the true definition of sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder. I would say that a global marketing campaign that is born out of sexuality instead of functionality (but obviously contains relevant components of both) would be a recipe for success in the realm of social media.

Honestly, it's not bad to be both sexy and smart.

Behold, sir sexiness...

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