The Best Attracts the Best

Across the board, no one wants to vote for a loser. That's like throwing your note away, right? And what's worse than oppression but having freedom and ignoring it.

This is best illustrated when we first examine how many different avenues of choice we can actually experience almost on a daily basis. It's mind-numbing at times and daunting at others. Having said that, we are a society of so much opportunity that we need help ranking all the things there are out there to experience and participate in, just to get up the courage to pull back the metaphorical curtain. Thanks to things like social media supported consumer reports, consumer ranking sites, customer feedback and regularly reported national rankings, all we need to do is stay on top of the latest lists that are surely available to help us make the most of our choices. Today, I'll present a few of my favorites...

Fortune Magazine announced it's 100 Best Companies to Work For...and the winner is...Google. No, not really. Google came in fourth, but that is nothing to shake a stick at. Competition is getting tougher and tougher. Read the whole story here.

Yahoo! listed the worst-paying college degrees in their job services section. Good news for those college-bound. Not so much for a social worker in the unemployment line.

Speaking of making improvements to your life...check out 100 ways to improve your relationships. Sure, some are common sense but others are so simple it's easy to overlook the importance of something like learning cellphone etiquette and going grocery shopping with your partner.

Looking for a challenge? How about 100's of them? Here is a comprehensive site that offers the Top 100 marathons to think about...and maybe run! Everything from running across fhe Golden Gate bridge to running away from Walt Disney's giant rat to running the hills of North Caroline, this list of cool runnings offers myriad options for covering 26.2 miles all in a days work.

Looking for a good read? Try the New York Times best seller list for hardcover fiction. If you can't find something that suits your fancy, chances are that you will stumble upon something interesting from that landing page. If nothing else, might I suggest Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged for a good hard read so early in this week.  

Just brought to my attention...if all else fails (especially for those social workers, elementary ed majors and drama coaches who are realizing they will likely never own their own home if the economy stays in the shitter) check out this list of 1000 Awesome Things. It's awesome.

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