Which Came First: Emotions or Social Media

Consider this post a Part Two of my earlier post calling you stupid if you think that this economy is not people-driven. Last time I checked, only people wanted to take the driver's seat. Let alone had the ability to, though that's another question entirely. Maybe we are as simple as ferns would have us to believe.

In more news, here are a few more examples of stories that may make you more deeply consider whether we, as consumers, are drawn to social media efforts via technology (ease of use, marketing and direct advertising on social media platforms) or are we compelled to seek out social media connections because we are emotionally driven to do so? I'm at a point in my life where I question this very question. Sometimes it even keeps me up at night. What exactly am I looking for anyway?

Is it a simple matter of  "Which came first?" The chicken or the egg or a interactive donut? Here are a few sites to check out that will make you go, "hmmmmmm...."

1. Duh. Google Buzz tops my list of what I'm watching and here's why; I need to get organized. Finding the signal in all the noise, it promises...cutting through the clutter, it says...hmmmmm, we'll see.
2. Dunkin' Donuts wants you to create their next gem. Everybody loves doughnuts. Who wouldn't want to get involved in this marketing campaign?
3. Electronic Arts plans to bring Madden to Facebook. Are they looking for more fans or looking to satisfy fans who already use FB? And what does this say about the research that indicates that social gaming is improving our educational systems in the U.S.? And if this doesn't work, will Ali once again leave her job as a FB account rep and return to Jake?
4. Guess the Grammy's iPhone app. Very cute marketing game here for folks who wanted to get involved in the voting and interactivity of the ubiquitous iPhone, er, I mean Grammy's. We're all fans, it proclaims. We...as in...us. Awwwww...

Here is a blog post on BNET, listed under the travel section that looks at how "HOT" social media may be and questions whether or not it's for everyone. It makes a good claim that perhaps it's not for an industry where key relationships are already established, but it also makes a good example of exactly how NOT to think of social media. The author asks, "Will this social media drive any aircraft, engine or part order?" similar to how I posed, "Can we prove without a doubt that our investment turned into sales and profit?"

All I can think to say to this is, people are people, stupid.

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