Eat Your Words

Words can indeed leave a bitter taste in your mouth long after the sting of an insult starts to subside. Culinary or not, if the success of a business depends on making you hungry enough to purchase something that which is not meant to be consumed if one cares about their overall vitality, it comes down to a question of business ethics.

And if that's the case, it's no wonder that McDonald's has no qualms about posting a sign like this in it's downtown Chicago restaurants:

This is why I hate McDonald's food.

This is why I love Corner Bakery.

It's presonal brand marketing at it's finest. No need for words, Corner Bakery paints a picture of humanity and deliciousness whereas McDonald's doesn't seem to care to boast about the harshness of it's product or facilities. Or for that matter, it's assumed customers. But why does McDonald's still flourish then?

Corner Bakery invites you in with premium smells, consistent branding, customer condiment perks, free wi-fi, healthy ingredients, convenience boxed and bagged lunches and fresh coffee for less than a cup fo joe at McDonald's. It's what you come to expect from every Corner Bakery.

McDonald's is well, McDonald's.

In an economy where dining out is probably considered more of a luxury than a convenience for many - if not most - isn't it still common decency to invite people to pull up a chair, not remind them of how little importance they are to your overall success and happiness?

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