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Who is more insulting? Sven Kramer for telling a reporter to go to hell or Tiger Woods asking people for support?

Sven is a Dutch Speedskater who recently won a gold medal at the Olympics. Tiger Woods is a world-famous golfer and American icon worth bazillions of dollars.

Being interviewed by an American reporter, Sven was recently asked to state his name, his country and the medal he won as part of the "tape confirmation" process. "Are you stupid?" asked Sven. "Hell no, I'm not going to do that," replied the athlete who was obviously insulted that the reporter would ask him to do such a thing as record his info when anyone could see that he had just won a gold medal. He was too important and talented and famous to stoop to the level of having to identify himself to a stupid international news reporter. Or was it that he was so overcome with emotion that he lashed out and verbally accosted this poor working girl who was simply trying to do her job and capture all the facts and keep track of who's who in a world that may in fact be small but is rather initimidating once you make it to the edit booth after pulling an 18 hour day on the media circuit covering everything from luge accidents to speedskaters to fashion do's and don't of snowboarders and Sports Illustrated cover girls. Phew! It's a real dog-eat-dog world out there.

Sven's video can be found here.

Tiger's latest statements can be viewed here.

Talking about dogs, we all know what Tiger did. Now we are all waiting to see what he will do. Will his multi-million dollar sponsor deals drop him? Will his wife leave him? Will he ever golf again? Will he continue to cheat? Will he tell us why and how and what exactly? Will we run out of questions and will he run out of prepared statements? My point? While Sven initially appears as an ass in his retort, at least he is seen as human. Tiger appears like he is reading a statement and nothing really seems to be coming from his heart. As a vested audience, why do we care and why do we deserve anything from anyone? Either way, the messages are almost lost in the fact that these two headline news makers are human and their audiences are human. Both are stupid but both are human.

If Sven would have simply stated his name and medal as requested, we wouldn't be discussing him much today. If Tiger's brand hadn't been cast in gold, maybe it wouldn't have been so easy (or fun) to tarnish. Either way, people are stupid, stupid. Good god I'm glad it's Friday!

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