Together We Can Do Anything

Dear Google,

Why are you so great?

You always seem to rank high on lists that people pay attention to.
Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For recognized Google in the top four. Google was placed among the top 100 of the World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere. Google's global growth was in the spotlight in 2003 and continues to make headline news almost daily; from successfully archiving the New York Times to cover stories about the injustice behind not winning the person of the year.

Maybe it's because you make your pizza crusts with organic flour that makes Googlers and onlookers alike want to work for you.

Maybe it's because you reward innovation by granting research awards because you know you have to spend money to make money.

Maybe it's because you are a site we simply can't live without.

Maybe it's because your office settings are set up like campus retreats where "fast-paced, stressful yet exhilerating work environments" equal super employee retention numbers and explosive passions for projects that most stuffy corporations brag about in their mission statements but fall flat at the implementation stage.

Maybe it's your interesting approach to blending business objectives with humanitarian efforts in an effort to really explore how it's such a small, small world after all.

I think it's a combination of everything that makes it so easy to think that anything is possible. But I also think it's the desire - not simply the ability - to place a cherry on top that makes you the most "Googilicious" of them this right adorable is this idea? Asking a kid to imagine what they would do if they could do anything is the type of question that makes anyone wonder. And that's a key ingredient to innovation that again, many corporations fail to acknowledge. Wonder is indeed a wonderful idea, no matter how many years you have behind you or in front of you.

What the world needs now may indeed be love sweet love, but a little inspiration certainly goes a long, long way...

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