Unresolutions :: A Sign of the Times

You know what they say about setting resolutions? Long haired, freaky people need not apply. Or so the song goes. I rather prefer to work with freaky people. They are less boring, more fun and, well, less boring.

In other news, it's not the Times that makes the news today, but Newsweek. Just yesterday, I got my #lastprintissue of Newsweek. It nearly took my breathe away. I don't know why. I work in digital marketing, after all, so I saw this coming. And I'm rather happy about it. 
Okay. I'm lying. I know why it took my breathe away. Because it's a concrete indication of the sign of the times. It's the future impending on the present. It's the past catching up with the current. It's the same old, same old in new, newfangled ways. And it's easy to understand yet hard to comprehend. The more we have, the less we do. The more we have, the less we really have. The more we have, the more important it is to make things simple. And on and on and on. 

Take New Year's goals, for instance. Should our resolutions evolve as technology does or should it remain our annual opportunity to get back to basics? Following Newsweek's precedent, maybe we should not call them resolutions and instead unresolve altogether as we celebrate the new year. This year, let's concentrate less on what we are letting go of and instead grasp onto what we hope for. 

1. Tell more truths. 
2. Eat less. Move more. 
3. Spend less. Give away more. 
4. Work less. Play more. 
5. Sleep more. Worry less. 
6. Drink more water. Drink less wine.
7. Watch less TV. Read more. 
8. Go outside more. Travel more. Have more adventures. Share more.
9. Make more friends. Keep more friends. Make a better friend.
10. Love more. 

Why do we resolve but once a year to better ourselves and the world around us? Why not make it a theme to conquer it one step at a time. Like ruling the world with love and doing one thing a day that creates a smile worth sharing. I like that.

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