Like A Box Of Really Crappy Chocolates, Really

It's been a tough week. The holiday season is suddenly upon us and so are all the lovely side dishes that often are served up alongside the main meal, main meal, real deal. Things like green bean casserole, end of year budget halts, early Winter blues, ear infections and planning the obligatory family gatherings. All one in the same, really.


So that's what I've been doing. What about you? What about the rest of the world?

Well, it seems the Pink is pregnant. And the jobless rate hit 9.8% with only 39,000 new jobs added this past month, which is good news for no one, really. And of course, WikiLeaks proved once again that open diplomacy is indeed fatally flawed (Sorry Woodrow). And Harry and Lisa are two of the worlds biggest idiots. And Senator James Meeks is running for Mayor of Chicago on two appalling platforms; 1. by taking advantage of the disadvantaged and the homeless and 2. by shunning everyone who isn't exactly like him and voting against the civil union legislation currently in front of Illinois lawmakers. And a Facebook mob turns against international Muslim action. And I don't really care too much about Carnival's Cruise PR crisis and you shouldn't either. Unless you were on the boat. But the fact is, no one is on the boat now, so everyone should probably just get on with living their lives.

It's an odd reality we live in. The more things change (like Lisa's lips) the more they stay the same. Unfortunately, when things bubble up (like Lisa's lips) we need to address them or suffer the consequences. Which are often humiliatingly truthful and emotional. Not unlike The Situation, really. Life is like a reality TV show except it's reality. Really.

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