Everything Is Wonderful Now

"There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn't matter which path you take.The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone else that their path is wrong."

A friend recently sent me this. According to this friend of mine, it's a part of the Hindu teaching philosophy. I'm not sure what part or why or how, and to tell the truth I really don't care. I do care that it's a wonderful life philosophy and something that I will try to tell myself as I handle difficulties at work, with my family and in general. 

The reason why? Because it's so fucking true. 

There are enough people running around making this world miserable that if you opt to NOT be one of those people, you have indeed made a choice to make a difference. You don't even have to be one of those people who set out to make POSITIVE change happen. You simply have to commit to NOT making things miserable. 

It's sounds so simple, yet I ask you: how many people do you know that fall into one of these categories? How many people do you know that are simply miserable people waiting for the next opportunity to spread their misery? And then, ask yourself; how many people do you know that make you smile?
See? Those smiley people? They are wonderful. Whether they know it or NOT.

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