It's All Relevant

I'm just your average girl.

But today I'm attempting the impossible.

Rubber gloves? Check.
Goggles? Check.
Bleach? Check.
Long-sleeves? Check.
Fire Extinquisher? Check.
Plunger? Check. (You never know.)

Travel on this high-flying adventure with me. Imagine a deep sleep. And a full bladder. Abruptly awake, now imagine a very hurried trip to the little girls room (or boy, whatever). Fantasize with me here, but continue to imagine the level of relief and contentment that washes over oneself when these worlds collide successfully.


What's that? No toilet paper? Simply a leftover cardboard roll? What the hell? How the hell did THAT happen? What the hell are you to do? Who do you call? Who can possibly help? There is no way out? How did this happen?

Oh, yeah. That's right. You forgot how difficult, if not impossible, it is to change the toilet paper roll. Gather your strength, because today I'm going to walk you through the process. I know, I know. Just an average Joe like me. Tackling such a global issue so early on a forlorn Thursday morning. Well, as it will surely go down in history books, someone has got to do it.

On second thought, maybe I'll save this gem of a life-skill all for myself. It's forever a fight for relevancy, no?

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