When I Say People, I Really Mean Strangers

We all want people to like us.

Insert "You like me!" You really, really like me! World-famous uber-tanned, super skinny Sally Field acceptance speech. Ugh. On second thought, I won't insert the link. I like ya too much.

Of course, when I say people, I'm referring to total strangers.

That's why we want to collect friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter and connections on Linkedin. That's why we stack business cards on our desks and drop names like they are going out of style every chance we get. That's why we carry expensive clutches and wear name-brand shoes. That also explains why we write our names on our arms and legs and t-shirts when we run marathons and volunteer for good causes.

We want to broadcast our good deeds and really tell people how awesome we are.

It's called personal branding. And EVERYONE DOES IT.

If they don't, I really wouldn't know. Either would you.

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