The Things We Do For Love

The things we do for love...

In India, they are called "honor killings," because often the murderers are related to the murdered. Recently there have been an increase in these horrific acts that have landed the very idea of a gotra in midstream news coverage. Otherwise, who knows, these things would continue to go on unnoticed, and seemingly, without further review from the authorities. Let alone the father who kills his own son and daughter-in-law because he feels he needs to in order to keep with the caste system.

Also in the news lately is the topic of Sharia law.  Otherwise known as Islamic law, this form of political legislation governed by religious views of the Muslim world is making the news because of recently announced plans to build a mosque near the Twin Towers site in lower Manhattan. The most recent news is that the project has gotten the green light from Mayor Bloomberg.

A different sort of love, Wyclef Jean confirmed today that he will be running for president of Haiti.   

In other disturbing news, it seems that some ladies are wearing white pants in public. Yikes. As sartorially delighful as I find Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog, I simply can't stand white pants. Love or not, white pants is something I firmly believe are quite possibly the hardest thing for a girl to pull off. Indeed, love is blind.

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