A Recap of What Not to Do's That Have All Been Done

The New York Times ran an article on this past year's hullabaloo without much ado about nothing. Which is a fancy way of saying that nothing is nothing to everyone and something is something to someone.

The article - called a must-read across industries - was penned by Peter S. Goodman. Titled, "In Case of Emergency: What Not to Do," Goodman goes into detail about recent public debacles that include the worst oil spill in American history, the Toyota safety recall story, Goldman Sachs fall from financial grace and more. Read more about the nay-saying notions and the public unveiling of the public relations nightmare that these catastrophies caused here.

Here is a quote from the article:
“These were real reputational implosions,” says Howard Rubenstein, the public relations luminary who represents the New York Yankees and the News Corporation. “In all three cases, the companies found themselves under attack over the very traits that were central to their strong global brands and corporate identities.”
And even though Goodman misspelled Rubinstein's name, certainly no one can argue that his has a solid point. That which sets us apart also is that which makes us stand out; a theory I am fairly certain is true across the board.

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