Only Fun Dates For This Monday

I made pink lemonade today with real lemons. Everyone knows that's the official drink of summer, so let the games begin! Welcome sunshine, goodbye winter blues!

In other news, here is a short list of things to look forward to...feel free to add more in the comment section.

Eric Clapton will once again lead an all-star cast of guitar hero's for a day-long summer concert in Chicago set for June 26. Crossroads Guitar Festival will feature performances by the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Steve Winwood, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy and John Mayer, among others.

After dumping about 800 pounds of shit in our river, Dave Matthews promises to be a good boy and this time will deliver a delightful performance if he takes to the stage at Wrigley Field in a proposed summer concert series that has aldeman talking to neighborhood association people talking to owners of the ballclub and more. It's a rather viscious circle of "What's in it for me?" When clearly it's all a bunch of crap. Let the man play, I say! More info to come, no doubt...

Sunday, October 10, 2010 kicks off the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. While I may not be ready for all that the day may bring, I will at least show up. That's half the battle, right? The other half of the battle will be to not stop in the middle of Boystown and join the revelers as they party like it's 1999! Yay!

I'm going to confess and say upfront that I deserve it all. Whatever it is that is coming my way. I deserve it. That's why I am adding this ridiculous purse hanging charm thingy to my list of clever things to do, see, puchase and partake in...
Yes, that's right...a purse holder from Red Envelope. Here is why I am adding it: I said something insulting and now I am eating my words. I recently made fun of a friend who pulled out of her carpet bag a certain lavishly decorated hook in order to carefully place her purse dangling from the table at which we dined. In public. For everyone one to see. And me. I saw it! I laughed. I may have snorted. I may have demanded that it be removed immediately for fear the fashion police would arrest us both and never again shall I feel the cool comfort of breathable cashmere or the insatiable runway stylings that only Via Spiga can deliver. And then a few nights ago I ate my entire dinner with my treasured majenta Coach purse tucked behind me in my chair for fear that the icky sticky would be stuck to my beloved handbag upon my exit from a certain sushi restaurant that shall remain unnamed (for out Yelp! Gulp.) Sooo...yeah...go ahead and spend the $15 to save yourself some back pain and some purse ruining...yeah...okay...moving on...

Check out the world premiere of P. Seymour Hoffman's  (otherwise known as Phillip Seymour Hoffman of Boogie Nights) The Long Red Road at the Goodman Theater. It looks intriguing because it is dark and human and local but I think my favorite line was from the behind the scenes look when the playwrite said the most fantastic thing was when "the cast brought as much of themselves as I brought of myself," to each day of work. Hmmmmm...I'm trying not to be cynical about this because likely I will love the production and later eat my words while sitting atop my purse, but I am mildly amused that some people take themselves SO SERIOUS. Seriously. Showing up is half the battle, I'm sure of that.

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