It Is A Big Deal After All

Take a listen to what the Vice President whispers into the ear of President Obama after Joe introduces the man who intends to change history with the introduction of the health care bill. Watch the video and read the story here. I'm not positive, but I think I may respect the man more now that I've seen this. It's that or I want to have a beer with him.

The same author penned a salacious article that very well may be the flight plan of a few of my unemployed single female fatales if indeed the economy doesn't turn around soon. (You know who you are: don't do it!!!) I mean, really, why let a little integrity and ethics claim your seat at the table of the rich and fancy when you literally are one social media "fame-whoring" fiasco away from the likes of Tiger Woods, John Edwards and now Jesse James. I am positive that I've lost all respect for these men and I definitely don't want to share a beer with them. In fact, if you have, I would suggest you get yourself tested.

The very idea of "social media" may indeed be a big deal right now, but common sense always comes first. Your mama may have told you never to give out your last name and address to strangers, but did she tell you not to Tweet about it either? This poor girl learned the hard way that the tools may have changed (telephone to Twitter, social gathering to social media) but the message is the same: protect yourself.

In another prime example of "big deals" making headline news lately, Northern Iowa Coach Ben Jacobson is reeling in the big fish after having defeated the top-seeded Kansas City Jayhawks in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The team will play Michigan State in the Midwest Region semifinals in St. Louis tomorrow night. As for Jacobson, he celebrated his Jayhawk stomp by signing a new ten-year deal that elevates his annual salary to $450,000 with an annual raise of $25,000 until 2020. Not bad for a small town boy.

In what some may consider big deal news and other may consider simply the status quo, Google continues to monitor China as China continues to monitor Google. Time will tell what world power will dominate. offers great big deals every day to smart and conscientious consumers. Check out their pledge to take your hard-earned money and help others while also giving you something back. I think this is a brilliant idea, and not just because I regularly get hit up with requests for all sorts of monetary support for good, great and not-so-great charities and causes alike. And I regularly pay for services and products as a consumer. (Shoes!!!) The idea behind is one that makes sharing the burden of philanthropy more enjoyable and frankly, more attractive in this economy. I'm gonna spend money. I'm gonna donate money. If we can meet in the middle, it's a good deal for everyone.

What's your idea of a big deal?

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