They will always be children.

I'm been struggling with how I might address the horrific tragedy that visited Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT last Friday morning. 

My college-aged daughter phoned me just after it happened and neither of us mentioned a word. It was too tough. My two-year old has been picked up and dropped off at preschool twice since it happened and neither time can I face the reality of it all.

I can't find the words yet. Maybe I never will. But I keep thinking of that Olympic commercial where the brand says "To their moms, they'll always be kids." I know it's ridiculously trivial, but it's all I can allow to cloud my thinking and remind me that to every parent, they will always be kids. Maybe I'm pretending that it didn't happen and that life is nothing more than one big marketing campaign, but it's all I can do to not weep incessantly for the parents left behind.

To those parents, we ache as a nation for peace for you.

To an entire nation, the following babies will forever be heroes:

Charlotte Bacon, Feb. 22, 2006
Daniel Barden, Sept. 25, 2005
Rachel Davino, July 17, 1983
Olivia Engel, July 18, 2006
Josephine Gay, Dec. 11, 2005
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, April 4, 2006
Dylan Hockley, March 8, 2006
Dawn Hochsprung, June 28, 1965
Madeleine F. Hsu, July 10, 2006
Catherine V. Hubbard, June 8, 2006
Chase Kowalski, Oct. 31, 2005
Jesse Lewis, June 30, 2006
James Mattioli, March 22, 2006
Grace McDonnell, Nov. 4, 2005
Anne Marie Murphy, July 25, 1960
Emilie Parker, May 12, 2006
Jack Pinto, May 6, 2006
Noah Pozner, Nov. 20, 2006
Caroline Previdi, Sept. 7, 2006
Jessica Rekos, May 10, 2006
Avielle Richman, Oct. 17, 2006
Lauren Rousseau, June of 1982
Mary Sherlach, Feb. 11, 1956
Victoria Soto, Nov. 4, 1985
Benjamin Wheeler, Sept. 12, 2006
Allison N. Wyatt, July 3, 2006

Here's to the moms and dads of those little lost angels...thank you.

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