Hope for the Holidays

It doesn't matter where you come from or where your travels lead. Doesn't matter how much money you have in your pocket or the significance of your job title.

You can always give hope. 

This holiday season, I invite you to find a way to spread a little more hope around this planet. 

Pass an unsolicited smile. Wave a friendly hello to a stranger. Pick up something someone dropped. Hold the door open. Let someone go in front of you. Compliment someone out of the blue. Wink at a child. Drop a quarter in the bucket of someone less fortunate or extend a hand to help someone up in whatever tiny way you can afford. It doesn't have to be much and you don't have to tell a soul you did it. 

Just do yourself a favor and make the world we live in just a tad more bearable. It'll do wonders for your own sense of hope. And the best part is...hope is contagious. So please pass it on. 

Merry Christmas.

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