Happy Generosity Day!!

Let's face it. Life gets busy. (My apologies for taking such a long s-t-r-e-t-c-h between blog posts, but, uh, life got to me.)

And you know what? I'm not going to take it. Lying down, that is. I'm not going to let life suck the life outta me. Cuz if I do, it certainly will. And that will suck, indeed.

Ahhhh, all this sharing makes me want to share. Or curl up in a ball and read a good book. Either way, I'm going to share my well-wishes your way for one helluva Generosity Day. (It's Valentine's Day and that's my poem.)

So today I'm sharing my thoughts and a link to "Generosity Day," another option to tasteless chocolates, smarmy holiday greeting cards and ill attempts at making people all over the world feel like everything less than perfect and all the things wrong about such a commercialized holiday. Described as the intersection of "generosity and need," it's a new notion that combines social entrepreneurship with non-profiters. See what Mike Rowe had to say about the business case behind 'Generosity.'

It is Valentine's Day. It's a lovely day. Why not add to the wondrous facts of life by making a difference. Maybe it's just a change in your attitude (I'm trying) or maybe it's volunteering your time instead of opening your wallet or maybe it's a pledge to a charity you have wanted to donate to but just haven't yet carved out the time. Maybe it's finding a cause to like on Facebook and then really liking it. Maybe it's forwarding Twitter commentary in support of a virtual revolution that you hold near and dear. All in all, it's about being generous. This idea of "Generosity Day" is a great way of letting us slow do-ers and deep thinkers wrap our tiny minds around such a daunting thing as changing what is always done to what is possible.

So take your spare change or your spare time or your want to change and move it into a healthier place. "Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around," I was reminded recently. And it's true, I hope!

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