OH and In the News

I hate it when people stand behind their faith as a way of judging people. Don't we have better things to do? Like anything on the long list of things that people are getting judged on, perhaps.

Here are just a few things overheard and in the news that makes me think twice.

Christine O'Donnell. Ugh. Sarah Palin's long lost cousin from the woods. Thou shall not this, thou shall not that. Thanks for thinking out loud today Christine. Next time worry more about matching your toe nail polish to your clutch. Concentrate on your strengths, I always say.

Isreal. Hello? Which is worse? Government interference or the porn industry? Apparently porn, as recently decided by the Isreali government.
An animal planet reporter got attacked by an anachonda. Not at all a surprise. That's what you get for trying to interview a freaking killer snake, you moron.

And The Situation crashes and burns on the dance floor. What a disaster of a phenomena.

And in a final twist of fate, Harvard drop out turned youngest CEO billionaire in history, Zuckerberg is reportedly giving away a small chunk of his fortune with the goal of probably increasing his fame. Thanks, in no small part, to Justin Timberlake and the cast and crew of the upcoming sure to be box office wonder, The Social Network.

In other news, a social media study on digital natives was released by MTV and Volkswagon. The study targeted the social media consumption habits of audiences within the 18 -32 market (or something ridiculously young and dumb like that.) No real surprises y'all. Young hip trendy folks want MTV and they want to smoke it too. They want Doritos and they want skinny jeans. They want to watch Jersey Shore and they want a seat at the grown-up table to discuss politics and tax breaks. They want instant communication, multiple outlets for social media monitoring and super woofers for ultimate audio experiences. Simply put, they want it all. Which is soooooo much different than any other generational study out there, right?

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