The Big Cheese and other idiotic idioms

Have you ever had bigger fish to fry?
The big cheese is always better than the little cheese. It's cheese, after all.
Hide the salami or some other type of phony bologna.
Sour grapes make good wine or good wine will turn anyone's sour grapes into smiles. Up to you.
Bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan...oh, nevermind.
Know what goes well with wine, cheese, fish and salami? Not bacon, but instead a hot potato.

If you caught all those idioms, you may (or may not) be an idiot. But don't worry. You are not alone. Why, just tonite Jay Leno announced that Barack Obama told reporter's that indeed, he is a Christian. What? The? Hell? Who cares? Apparently more people than I care to realize. Oh America.

Not so long ago, Newsweek's online newspaper published a sort of their own idiom in a story that mocks "America the Beautiful," contending that perhaps we are, "America the Ignorant" instead.

Included as one of the infamous misnomers is the accusation that Obama is Muslim. Also, some people think that the sun rotates around the earth. More people can name more dwarfs from Sleeping Beauty than Supreme Court Justices. Actually, as sad as true, it's not to tough to believe. More Americans know the names of Sleeping Beauties and Ben & Jerry's than they know who sits on the highest court of them all. Makes sense. Everyone likes beautiful ice cream. Especially chocolately deliciousness.  

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