How McDonald's Won the SuperBowl

So it all started with a tweet. 

Then it ballooned into a full-on co-branded love affair. 

Take a look. 

Don't pay attention to the stock price lately, instead focus on the fact that they serve over 68 million customers a day in 119 countries across the globe at more than 35,000 retail outlets. That's big business on a global scale. That's a complex machine of parts and pieces that must work together or something will definitely give. And while they have been fighting some harsh criticisms and sinking profits, McDonald's offered up a SuperBowl social media case study like we've never seen before. They've got all the ingredients to a successful marketing execution:

1. Consistent branding
2. Clear call to action
3. Simple, concise & yet compelling message/graphics
4. Rewarding experience
5. Relevant in context & content
6. Measurable

McDonald's literally partnered with every single other brand that showed up during the big game. That's a huge feat, considering all that a brand has to go through in order to compliantly partner with another brand, let alone 57 other brands in a 3 hour period. Well done, team McDonald's, well done! 

And then, the real winner was declared. 

For more information on the state of McDonald's marketing, read the WSJ's recent post with McDonald's CMO Deborah Wahl. She wants to have a unique conversation with America. 

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