Being Social

Forget John Malkovich. 

Being social is the new black. 

But what does being social mean to you? 

Answer my quick and easy 5 question quiz and find out. 

1. Do you provide timely and jovial Facebook updates once a week or so, just to show your followers that you are 1. still alive 2. doing cool shit or 3. need something from them (validation, support, comfort, advice, sympathy, envy, etc.) ? 

2. Do you tweet? Like, at all? Not just have an account, but have Tweeted (not a RT) something original in the last 12 months? 

3. Do you like other people's Instagrams? What about Pinterest? Do you?

4. Have you ever used Vine, Snapchat, Tinder, Whisper, Yelp? If not, have you ever posted something original on Linkedin or Google+? They are essentially the same <insert sarcasm>.

5. Finally, have you ever Googled someone or Facebook-stalked them after you read a stupid-a$$ comment on another friends feed or overheard a terribly delicious rumor at a neighborhood gathering or witnessed something horribly attractive in the parking lot of the grocery store or the work cafeteria that made you TAKE ONLINE ACTION to learn more about someone, somewhere, so you could then go and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS

Okay, now the fun part; the results!! 

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, then you are alive. You are a human who is not dead. Therefore, you have a propensity to be social. 

Embrace it. Better yet, go out and dig deep. Find those people that make you smile, shine, think, do, feel, act and friend them. Whatever multi-channel-omni-channel-meet-at-the-Starbucks-channel strategy you feel comfortable with...get out there. Life is too short not to. 

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