Top Ten Lists of "Top" Lists for 2013

Everyone looks back. Some of us dwell, but rest assured, all of us look back. The start of a new year and the end of the old means one thing that we can all agree on; the making of a top ten list. Or two.

The Top Brands of 2013, as published by Interbrands back in September, reported that Apple had bumped Coca-Cola from the first place position after 10 years of holding the top place as the #1 brand. Google, IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's and Samsung round out the top ranked companies for 2013.

The Top 50 Facebook brand pages for 2013, according to Ignite Social Media, include Facebook, Coca-Cola, YouTube, MTV, Disney, Red Bull, Converse, and to a different degree for increased growth over the past year Adidas Football, Pepsi, National Geographic. 

If the past is a true indication in the direction of the future, it's important to look back to see what will move ahead. In such a case, be sure to read up on the list of People To Watch in 2014, according to Advertising Age.  Leaders at JcPenney, Snapchat, General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Draft and FTC will have a year that is sure to be scrutinized and analyzed by stakeholders and indistry-watchers alike.

Techland's Top Ten Games of 2013 saw Grand Theft Auto V listed as number 1, if that is your sort of thing. 

And now, for the good stuff, I present to you, a few more noteable top ten lists to ponder as we set into the new year with a new song on our minds. Good luck, y'all.

  • Top Ten Slept-on R&B songs of 2013, according to Robert Carter of NPR, whom we can all agree has rocking good musical taste. 
  • Who doesn't need to read the "best and worst bacon brands of 2013," right? Head over to HuffPo to check out what makes a grocery store bacon product yummy or glummy. 
  • David Letterman's Top Ten Christmas Songs by Josh Groban 2013 is a total bore, but I dare you not to at least pretend to be interested. 
  • Not to be outdone, Fortune Magazine published the Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2013. Impressive list, lucky employees, right? Here's to another year of good fortune to those who have tasted it, and passing the plate to those who need it now. 
  • Okay, so maybe the Fortune list can be outdone as Time released it's annual Top 10 of Everything list for 2013.  There are lists of best movies, best tweets, worst apologies, best memes, highest paid CEOs, biggest IPOs, coolest cars, best apps, and more, more, more. Just like America likes it. 
  • And now, the very most important list of anything, anywhere...the Top Searches for 2013, according to God, er, Google. Enter Google Zeitgeist: 2013. Enjoy! 

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