Bacn is almost as good as bacon

Or rather, for those who sweat like a pig, today is your lucky day. 

Enter bacon-scented deodorant. Yeah, that's right. Deodorant that makes your pits smell like a in, a smoking pit filled with piping hot pork goodness. 

Order a stick now, but just like the website says, "Do not eat or hike in the woods without a firearm while wearing POWER Bacon. 

In similar news, it's snowing in Chicago today, so -- fingers crossed -- our crime rate will dip and maybe, just maybe Chicago will fall from being recognized as America's murder capital of the nation. Recent reports tell a promising story of how police effort has led to nearly 6k illegal guns being removed from the streets and overall shootings are down 20% year over year, making recent stats the lowest murder rate in more than a decade. 

Finally, I just wanted to take a moment and applaud Gmail's latest attack on bacn. Bacn is email that a person subscribed to, but rarely reads. You know the stuff; it's better than spam but not nearly important as personal email. After a week of transitioning files, emails, photos and more from a PC to my new MacBook, I'm pretty excited about my current level of email organization, thanks mostly to Gmail's auto-tabs and filtering. Trans-fat or not, they make bacn almost good for you. 

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