Karrie Brown has passion for (fashion) people.

I really do not care that Kendy Kartrashian lightened her hair. I know it's a Monday, but still.

Speaking of people, I do think that Wet Seal has done some good work with this latest marketing campaign. And I would say that even if I didn't personally know adore the CEO of the company. Thanks to Facebook (say what you will about the old FB, but I am a fan of that too) yet another branded story is moving above the fold and to the front of the news portal for something other than XXX videos and bad press (there is no such thing as bad press, but I digress...)

In a time of Abercrombie making the news for making fun of everyone and the masses mistaking Syria for Miley Cyrus, it's nice to come back down to earth for a bit. It's nice to see big brands behaving like they want to win your loyalty and not crapping on you for having any in the first place. It's not always about being tricked into buying something (take note email marketers of insidiously broken loyalty programs) sometimes it about the passion of the people.

Karrie Brown has passion. Facebook was just lucky enough to be part of her story.

Here is the delightful story on NBC News.

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