Is @Dove soap really so engaging?

Television commercials that "work" all do the same thing: connect with the audience. It's a matter of timing, content and context that, when swirled together in all the right ways, can make magic. 

Entertaining. Intriguing. Powerful. Beautiful. These are four characteristics that Adweek looks for when collating their best commercials of the year. Not all winners hit on each characteristic, but all are certainly emotionally charged. Because in order to connect, we need to be human and not a brand. 

Dove's sketches of real women is a great example of a brand who quite literally puts a face on their latest marketing campaign. The new video, which currently has 27+million video views, was the creative concept of  Ogilvy & Mather Brazil. Recently, the video made it's way to the top of the AdAge Digital viral video charts; because it tackles a critical social issue in a sensitive and moving fashion, but also because the campaign is integrated across all channels; tv commercials, print ads, social & digital media --- all telling the same cohesive story. That makes it powerful

When you click on the YouTube and start to watch the video, you will quickly notice that simplicity is the theme here. It's simple, yet instantly entertaining. The forensic artist who introduces the concept, the voice-over, the bare studio space, the sheer curtains and sparse furniture in the room and the quiet, humble voices of the 7 featured women...these elements tell a beautiful story without actually shouting it out loud.

Then take another look through the social/digital lens. Dive in and explore #wearebeautiful. Maybe do a Google search. Check out the Dove Facebook page. Read all the comments from the supporters of this quiet, yet mighty cause. Also be sure to check out the naysayers and their curated content around this campaign. It's true that no news is bad news for a brand, and this campaign is benefitting from it all. The more you look, the more intriguing it becomes. This is especially fascinating because the message is so simple yet really is making people think, react, connect in real, authentic, moving ways. All without a hard sell for soap, too. Well done Dove. 

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