Do all bullies grow up to be #TSA agents?

Or is it that all #TSA agents are bullies?

Only an evil TSA moron could make a child weep and plead to her parents that she no longer wants to go to Disney World. Watch in horror as this poor baby gets tortured by these agents while she sits helpless in her tiny wheelchair. Yeah, that's right. There's really only one word to describe these lazy, cruel, ego-maniacs; bullies.

I can't imagine how awful these TSA agents feel about life in general. I mean, at the end of the day, they have to go home and live with themselves, knowing that they are pretty much despised by every world traveler and anyone who knows anyone who has ever traveled. That can't be a good feeling. I'm guessing they don't earn a ton of money and they probably don't have the smarts to spend and save like the rest of us who travel for fun, so I suppose that's another reason why they all seem so angry and depressed. I know they are charged with super important things like keeping liquids off planes, fingernail clippers out of carry-ons, conveyor belts moving and baby bottles I bet they are real tired most of the time. I imagine that they constantly fear that a robot (or a monkey) could successfully perform their job with less stress at a lower cost and be WAY more enjoyable for customers, so that must suck, too. 

But really, making a 3-year-old girl in a wheelchair cry? There is no excuse for that.

Thanks to social media, there are millions of citizen journalists -- just like Lucy's mom here -- that can share this deplorable behavior with the rest of the world until it stops. 

TSA issued an apology, but that doesn't address how they have built an organization on bullying or what needs to happen to put a stop to the madness.

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