Places like Pinterest

I write about things I love.

It's that simple. Call me naive, but life is too tough to not look for things that make you smile and then find ways to have more smiles. 

For a lot of my friends and colleagues, places like Pinterest have been delivering more of those smiles. In social media, we know what happens when that happens. We share.

Back in 2010, Chad Mueller of Inspiredology wrote an interesting article on the jQuery Masonry plugin. You know the one. It's the foundationary design behind Pinterest and all the other sites that look or act like Pinterest. Mueller originally described the unique design template as one that would allow page content to be organized yet also appear free-flowing and organic. Seems Chad was onto something.

In February 2012, Sarah Kessler of Mashable Design published an article on How Pinterest is Changing the World of Web Design

I've covered this topic a few times, because I write about things I love. And I love wonder. 

And then just today, Neha Prakash of Mashable Lifestyle penned an update in the evolution of image-based social commerce by announcing that Zappos just launched Pin-Pointing -- a companion tool for shopping Pinterest. 

I tried the tool out by searching for my Twitter handle and it turned up some interesting results. Most of the content correlated nicely with my real interests and topics of online intrigue. But let me be clear, the only reason there is a Wedding category is because I entered to win a ridiculous wedding vacation package from a popular style site so I could learn from their UX. I AM NOT PLANNING A WEDDING. However, this content from Pin-Pointing reminded me that with each online move I make across the world wide web, I may be affecting future online experiences just like this. The more the average consumer knows about this type of data algorithm, the smarter we will all be. I only wonder how long it will be before we treat our online browsing as commerce itself.  

Oh, and seriously, I really need those leopard print smoking shoes. And I don't even smoke. 

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