Do You Buy This?

Pinterest is hot. White hot. And it's no wonder. Pinterest, it turns out, lets you do something that Google pretty much eliminated from daily human behavior. Pinterest allows us to wonder.

Ahhh, but Pinterest does more than allow you to get lost in wonder and delight. It's product inspiration and social shopping at it's finest. Some would say. And when I say some, I actually mean people. According to a recent report by eMarketer, Pinterest is positively attributed to changing consideration for brands and ideas alike. People may not be ready to dive to purchase in Pinterest -- or Facebook for that matter, but that's because these channels are inherently social. Like many other social sites, Pinterest works so well because it feeds a basic human need; the need to enjoy life. The world is not ready to allow their coveted five minutes of "Pinterest Therapy" to become yet another hard-sell into the world of hard-boiled egg slicers and magnetic wallets, like the ones you can find at SkyMall.

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