Discovery vs Search. Need Your Opinion.

I'm a little bit obsessed with this idea of discovery versus search. In technology and in life, it's so much more delightful to discover something than to search out exactly what we were looking for. Why? Because we are pesky human beings. We come with these wonderful, evil things called emotions. These terrible brilliant emotions drive us to do and say strange and perfect things.

In the world of technology, this is a happenstance that can and should and will and is being exploited. Did I say the word exploit? Ooops. What I meant was, technology is starting to understand the human need to search and discover better in order to make our online, digital and social experiences more fulfilling. Why? Because so much of what we do is digital, social and online. Why not make it delightful instead of just another task to accomplish or another box to check off.

Without giving away too much of my own opinion, tell me what you think. Do you prefer to stumble upon something and then be the first to share it to everyone who will listen or do you prefer to find exactly what you set out looking for and don't want to try something new when you already know what works?

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