Jumping rope. Climbing the corporate ladder. Studying market reports and signing report cards. Folding laundry. Reading, writing, editing and organizing. Staying sharp and sartorially smart. Shopping, shipping and dressing up and down. Ordering in. Picking up take-out. Going out. Coordinating birthday parties and office events. Getting raises. Taking vacations. Cashing bonus checks. Balancing checkbooks. Returning library books.

Getting laid off.

Hmmmm....breathing? blogging? Or rather, blogging...breathing...recalibrating?

Truth be told, I've been aimless for four months now. Where I once was the smartest dressed and the always in the know in terms of world events and trendy topics, now all I know is that I am ready to get going.
It was just the other day when I wandered upon a large bin of high heel shoes in storage. I sat down and plucked out one right after another. Cradling each piece of artwork as a newborn puppy in my hands, I licked up every delicious morsel of ingenuity as the first time I decided to bring each into my life. Leather, open tow, platform, kitten heel, straps and buckles and tiny bows and adornments. Crimson red, crushed velvet, brushed suede, blue canvas, wood wedged, new, older, well-worn and well-loved and secretly kept and kept secret...these shoes of mine have branded me and my brand is one that has provided me with far less stability than the teetering foundation only a Ferragamo could promise.

So I am lacing up these running shoes of mine and I am off. I am Jeni on the run.


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