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Welcome to my world! I started writing JENi ON THE RUN in an attempt to document new opportunities and observations as a writer, runner, editor and artist. Writing has always been an important part of my world so it's an easy leap from one adventure to the next in terms of writing a regular blog column; which has emerged into what I like to describe as a lifestyle blog on trendy topics, headline news and communication strategies. At times I may appear rambling and random in my personal prose, but I also use this space to provide insight into the evolving world of social media marketing and public relations.

Why all the doorway art? It's what I enjoy...the thrill of a new challenge, meeting someone new, working a new angle and taking a snapshot of a new beginning. I've worked at a local newspaper, a national non-profit and a global Fortune 100 company; all in a communications capacity where writing was a foundationary skill and positioning for best brand awareness was always a consideration. Now I offer advice and consultation to businesses, organizations and individuals on how to use public relations and social media to build relationships and deliver value. If you are interested in talking about a new project, marketing campaign or writing assignment, please contact me:
email: jltofan@gmail.com

twitter: @jenntof

phone: 309.824.3105

profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifertofanelli

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